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Our Objectives

One stop digital logistics platform

Technology-based logistics services for New Era. The globalization of technology-based era has changed our economic landscape. We believe that the new economy system developed through the globalization will create new possibilities by technological expansion. We want to go forward by changing the conventional way of logistics management in to a tech based and professional one. We want to go forward by changing the conventional way of logistics management in to a tech based and professional one. We have been working relentlessly with a view to providing digital solutions and one-stop logistics management to the backward sectors like the transport sector in equipment and goods transportation. We seek cooperation from our esteemed clients, service providers, partners and all well-wishers. The information collected through our empirical observations in the logistics sector is used in our research, which will ensure future the followings:

  • Supply chain visibility
  • IOT
  • Use of block chain technology
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • DROPSHIPPING Business Model

Our Services

As a one-stop logistics solution provider, "DROPSHEP" online platform includes road transport, water transport, heavy equipment, industrial and home shifting services.

DROPSHEP Business Model

Currently drop shipping is one of the most popular online businesses in almost all countries of the world. But due to various disadvantages including payment gateways in our country, dropshiping business is not becoming popular. To create local market for drop shipping We started DROPSHEP (SHEP= Safety, Healthy, Environmental, Promise) project in the domestic context by researching the possibility and relevance of DROPSHIPING with all tested methods and strategies for creating the domestic market of DROPSHIPING and open DROPSHIPING only for our partners. Our young workers are working day and night to build the DROPSHIPING business of our partners successfully.

Why to Join A Dropship's Digital Transport Agency Business?

We develop a separate business model for each agency by analyzing the market in the area you are interested in doing agency business. We also provide agency partners with commercial skills analysis and advice, business method training, partner staff training to run a timely and profitable business.

Q: Is Dropshep Suitable For Digital transport agency business?

Answere : Only for entrepreneurs interested in technology based business, who are ready to run a stable and highly profitable business.

Q: What can you do as a dropship digital transport agency business?

Answere : Truck, Pickup, Covered Van, Trailer Rent Business, Rent A Car Business, Equipment Rental Business, Logistics Aggregator, Shifting Service Business, Dropshipping Business of certain products without investment like- Batteries, Devices, Lubricants and Car Parts Selling Business.

Q: How can Digital Transport Agency be helped in any field?

Answere : Technical Support: Computer Printer, Mobile App, Digital Payment Software, Billing System, SIM Card. Enterprise partners are supported with working capital

Q: How to ensure financial success, more income?

Answere : Commission on every transport, equipment trip, commission on registration, besides profit from selling products like batteries, auto parts, lubricants etc. programs, incentives and gifts. Also foreign tour opportunities.

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