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Battery exchange

Battery exchange

Do you know that buying your old batteries can produce illegal lead?
In the hands of unwary or unscrupulous dealers, your old battery acid mixes with soil or water.

According to the survey, the amount of waste generation in Bangladesh is about 22.4 million tons per year, i.e. 150 kilograms per capita. As this huge amount of waste is a threat to the environment, it can also be converted into a resource ff properly managed. Exchange your unused old battery for a brand new one at Dropshep!

Dropshep collects old batteries and sends them to the manufacturing company for remanufacturing. You can change the level of environmental pollution.

☛ We have

  • This responsibility belongs to all of us
  • Collective efforts to prevent pollution
  • Environmental security, civic awareness is also important
  • We have to change our mindset