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support@dropshep.com 09666700722


Q: What is DROPSHEP?

Answere : Dropshep is web & app base Bangladeshi digital logistics platform. customer can rent and pick up logistics support including transportation of goods, and project equipment at bidding prices. DROPSHEP (SHEP = Safety, Healthy, Environmental, Promise)

Q: DROPSHEP Area/Agency Partner?

Answere : DROPSHEP includes two types of partner programs.

Q: Who are Dropshep's partners?

Answere : Any transport owner or agent in Bangladesh can become a dropship partner by registering their transport. The partner shall attach to the dropship the necessary information, documents and pictures of his own transport or other transport under his ownership. After connecting the transport, the partner can search for the preferred trip from Dropship's online platform.

Q: How will DROPSHEP Digital Transport Agency make payment?

Answere : Initially, payment to Dropship Digital Transport Agency can be made through bank check, cash, any bank card, or cash. Our cash merchant number is 01316060787